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Enable UGC With Us

Let your players create new content using simple text prompts.

Unleash Your World Builders

Players can effortlessly expand and enrich the game, crafting immersive worlds that captivate and engage.

Limitless Personalization: Custom Skins

Allow players to create their in-game assets, reflecting their unique personalities, preferences, and styles.

Our Use Cases





Unlock player creativity with our in-game API, offering style-consistent AI in-game tools for generating immersive art

Control Dashboard

Effortlessly manage and moderate UGC with our user-friendly dashboard, maintaining full control over your game's content and quality.

Data & Analytics

Leverage real-time insights from our powerful analytics dashboard to optimize your game's growth, keeping players satisfied and engaged.

One-time Setup, Endless Possibilities

APIs & Integrations

Efficient, user-friendly integration. Easily deploy across popular game engines and platforms. We handle the complexities, enabling you to concentrate on providing the optimal content creation experience.

Supercharge Your Game With the Power of AI-UGC

Integrate GenieLabs API to enable UGC directly in your game. Create a passionate community and endless gaming possibilities for your players.

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